Welcome to GPS

Global Power Solution, Inc. (GPS) is among the most respected engineering, procurement, and construction companies in USA. We stand apart due to our ability to get the job done right no matter how big, how complex, or how remote the project is. We have vast experience due to modernising power Turbines, Generators and can assist you with every aspect of your project improvement , from initial studies to the selection of new technologies and project execution.



Making available a comprehensive range of service products, from maintenance to life extension for generators, exciters and auxiliaries for GPS and other OEM turbines



Providing the most efficient rapid and efficient maintenance and emergency repair service from our local supported by our global engineering organization and supply chain



Offering expert assessment of turbines condition to advise the customer of risks associated with different maintenance and repair strategies


Providing the best value products for life extension and power upgrades with reliable technical solutions matched to the clients planned operating strategy